About the Research Company Slovensko

About the Research Company

GEMIUS SA is the largest online research agency in Central and Eastern Europe. The company has been dedicated to Internet market research since its founding in 1999. By focusing the business on maximizing credibility, quality and accuracy the company has been able to grow into the largest online market research agency in Central and Eastern Europe in less than 5 years.

Gemius SA provides a wide range of Internet research to brand name clients throughout Eastern Europe. Gemius provides data on Internet users' behavior (gemiusPrism, gemiusHeatMap, gemiusStream), Internet audience profiles (gemiusProfile), or online advertising campaign effectiveness (gemiusEffect, gemiusDirectEffect, gemiusBrandingEffect). GemiusAudience research is the online advertising currency across Eastern Europe, where by working with key joint-industry committees and other market players Gemius provides accurate, high-quality measurement of online audiences for media planners, buyers and sellers.

The company is flexible throughout the research process, both while designing the research and in its execution. Gemius clients can always count on the assistance of the company’s more than 300 experienced specialists.

The company's goal is to go beyond statistics and to provide thorough knowledge to our clients, helping them to make the most of their investments in the online marketing channel.

We focus on high-quality, ethical research. We adhere strictly to the codes of conduct developed by ESOMAR.

Become a user

By signing an agreement on cooperation and upon payment of a participation fee, users gain the right to install the code for measurement on their websites and the right to use the results of the MOSS Project to a limited extent.


Become a member

A member may participate in the MOSS Project by joining the Slovenian Advertising Chamber if they want to participate in the management, financing, and monitoring and want to use the results of the MOSS Project.