Management Bodies of MOSS Slovensko

Management Bodies of MOSS


The research is commissioned by the Slovenian Advertising Chamber (SOZ) and the Council of MOSS Members which operates within the SOZ. Online media publishers – members of MOSS who are part of the Council of MOSS Members – are responsible for managing and funding the project. The amount of financing of the individual online media publishers (online media publishers) depends on the reach of a particular online media.

Council of MOSS Members

The Council of Members  is the decision-making body for the MOSS Project. It consists of members’ representatives (1 representative for each member) and a representative from SOZ. MOSS Members have equal rights and obligations, regardless of the reach of their websites. The Council of Members makes decisions on all matters related to the MOSS Project and nominates the members of other bodies of the MOSS Project (the Executive Committee and the Technical Commission). The Council of Members and other bodies of the MOSS Project are obliged to act according to the MOSS Membership Agreement, the Statute of the Slovenian Advertising Chamber and other General Acts adopted and/or issued by the Slovenian Advertising Chamber.

Executive Committee of MOSS

The Council of MOSS Members has nominated five members of the Executive Committee for the research management of the MOSS Project for the time period 2016/2018: president Alenka Bućan (Pro Plus) currently on leave, acting president Urša Reja (Pro Plus), vice president and president of Technical Commission Alen Savič (TSmedia), Luka Zebec (RTV Slovenija), Tadeja Horvat (Bolha) and Robert Schmitzer (Delo).

Technical Commission of MOSS

The five member Technical Commission monitors the research. It is nominated by the Council of MOSS Members and consists of: president Alen Savič (TSmedia), Maka Lippai Senekovič (Pro Plus), Aleš Perme (Styria digital marketplaces), Roman Zatler (Delo) and Jerneja Kimovec (Media24).

Become a user

By signing an agreement on cooperation and upon payment of a participation fee, users gain the right to install the code for measurement on their websites and the right to use the results of the MOSS Project to a limited extent.


Become a member

A member may participate in the MOSS Project by joining the Slovenian Advertising Chamber if they want to participate in the management, financing, and monitoring and want to use the results of the MOSS Project.