About MOSS Slovensko

About MOSS

Online audience measurement – MOSS is a currency online media research carried out under the authority of the Slovenian Advertising Chamber (SOZ). Ever since its establishment, the aim of the MOSS Project has been to collect data through a unified research methodology, which represents the groundwork for the evaluation of online media communication activities implemented by advertisers in Slovenia.

MOSS is carried out continuously; that is why the technical measurements are at all times available to websites which are included in the measurement procedure. The information designed for agencies and advertising companies is updated every month.

The MOSS data represent a basis of knowledge about the Slovenian online market. Moreover, the data form a basis for the online analysis and its comparison to traditional media. The data collected with the MOSS Project are designed for advertisers, media agencies and website publishers.

Advertisers, Media agencies

Advertisers and their creative departments, media market analysts and media agencies use the MOSS data to:

  • carry out analyses of the Slovenian online market
  • choose the most appropriate online media for advertising a certain product or service
  • target relevant target groups
  • increase the range of advertising campaigns in selected target groups
  • analyse overlap of audiences on particular websites with the intent of optimizing investment costs of advertising campaigns
  • select the theme media suitable for specific marketing activities

Website publishers

Website publishers use the MOSS data to:

  • analyse socio-demographic profiles of website visitors on a particular website
  • analyse selected target groups on a specific website with a higher traffic rate
  • compare and evaluate websites
  • analyse overlap of audiences on particular websites


Commissioned by: SOZ
Funded by: MOSS Members
Carried out by: IPSOS