Online Audience Measurement - MOSS Slovensko

Online Audience Measurement - MOSS

Online audience measurement (hereafter referred as MOSS) is a research currency for online media carried out under the authority of the Slovenian Advertising Chamber (hereafter referred as SOZ). Ever since its establishment, the aim of the MOSS Project has been to collect data through a unified research methodology, which would represent the groundwork for the evaluation of website communication activities implemented by advertisers in Slovenia. The data acquired through MOSS have been recognized as an evaluation currency and a guide for buying advertising space on the World Wide Web.

About MOSS

Commissioned by: SOZ
Funded by: MOSS Members

MOSS was in period 2005 / 2008 carried out by: Aragon d.o.o.

MOSS was in period 2009 / 2012 carried out by: Valicon d.o.o.

MOSS was in period 2013 / 2015 carried out by: Gemius Adria d.o.o.

MOSS is in period 2016 / 2018 carried out by: IPSOS d.o.o.

MOSS is implemented continuously throughout the year. The research is curently carried out by Ipsos d.o.o.. While the research is commissioned by the Slovenian Advertising Chamber, it is fully funded by the Council of MOSS Members. The latter is operating within the Slovenian Advertising Chamber.

Objectives of MOSS Research

Key objective of MOSS research is to provide a unified online media currency which will serve as an informational basis, as a reference for purchasing online media advertising space, and as a web strategy evaluation tool.

Become a user

By signing an agreement on cooperation and upon payment of a participation fee, users gain the right to install the code for measurement on their websites and the right to use the results of the MOSS Project to a limited extent.


Become a member

A member may participate in the MOSS Project by joining the Slovenian Advertising Chamber if they want to participate in the management, financing, and monitoring and want to use the results of the MOSS Project.